Companion Services for Seniors

Senior companion services are a great way to mix day care and night care and help reduce boredom, anxiety, loneliness, and fear of being left alone.  All of these are primary reasons that many seniors who live alone finally give up and make the stressful decision to leave their own home… something they otherwise don’t want… Continue reading Companion Services for Seniors

Counseling for Seniors

Depression is the leading mental illness among seniors and handicapped people.  It generally doesn’t hit suddenly or overnight and can sometimes go unnoticed by family members that are around on a daily basis. People seldom notice depression in themselves and often try to hide the depression from others.  If you or your senior family member… Continue reading Counseling for Seniors

At Home Health Night Care

A big concern for many seniors and their caretakers are the potential problems that may arise after the caretaker has left for the day.   Loneliness, boredom, and risk of accidents or medical problems are often feared at night.   Incontinence, navigation through a dark house, and fear of falling are all night-time issues that many seniors… Continue reading At Home Health Night Care

Respite Care Services

Many caregivers dedicate much or most of their free time to taking care of their elder family member.  In an increasingly mobile society where some family members have moved out of the general area, the remaining family member(s) have an increased burden and very little chance to go anywhere, do anything, or even have a… Continue reading Respite Care Services

Senior Transportation

Through better health and nutrition, people are living longer and able to live on their own.   But the ability to live longer and healthier lives doesn’t mean that there won’t need to be lifestyle modifications.  In American society, we have the tendency to view mobility (especially the ability to own and drive a car) with independence.   All… Continue reading Senior Transportation

Senior Care and Actively Involved Families

By Geri Waters: As a former head of nursing for several senior care facilities and a state ombudsman over senior care facilities, I’ve had the opportunity to see senior care in the home and in institutions of all sizes with various amenities, budgets, and staff programs.  Each combination varies depending upon the administrative influence all… Continue reading Senior Care and Actively Involved Families