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About SeniorSite.org

SeniorSite.org is a resource to help families and individuals search senior care options in their area. SeniorSite’s mission is to provide high quality, up to date information and care solutions for families throughout the US. We offer descriptions, reviews, and pricing for assisted living facilities, independent living facilities, senior apartments, homecare solutions, and nursing homes. Our goal is to help you make an informed decision and then connect you directly with as many facilities as you need to speak to until you find the perfect one. We realize this can be a time consuming and emotional process and we aim to remove all friction and intermediary steps so you can collect information, schedule calls, and book in-person tours for you or your loved one.

Why we started SeniorSite.org

SeniorSite was developed by a team who realized there needed to be a more efficient way for families and caregivers to receive information and make well informed life decisions. Unlike typical senior living sites that charge the facility a premium to fill an open room, our goal is to empower each facility to achieve their own desired outcomes.