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Pennsylvania Nursing Homes

For individuals who need more continuous assistance than can be offered by home care services, nursing homes and long-term care facilities can help their residents maintain their health and live their daily lives with supportive nursing staff. Throughout the state, Pennsylvania is home to hundreds of senior care facilities across several cities and counties (i.e. the cost of nursing homes may be different in Delaware County than it would be Beaver County). On average, residence in a Pennsylvania nursing home can range between $9000 and $11000 per month.


Information on Long-Term Care Facilities

Pennsylvania's senior care facilities include traditional nursing homes that offer general medical care specific to patient needs, personal care services, and activities for home residents. Skilled nursing facilities are similar to nursing homes, but tend to offer more specific care options. This benefits residents as they can avoid additional medical visits to doctors off-site. While they may also have short-term patients, nursing homes and skilled nursing facilities are typically considered long-term care facilities. Special focus facilities (SFF) are nursing homes reported to have serious care issues or that have reportedly mistreated nursing home residents and are potential centers for concern.


Information on Medicare and Medicaid

While Medicare and Medicaid may cover the costs of medications or associated medical services for nursing home residents, Medicare does not typically cover the cost of residence itself in a long-term care facility. Medicaid may cover some of these costs for certain individuals, but residents enrolled in either Medicare or Medicaid may be subject to changes in coverage over the duration of their nursing home stay. Individuals and family members searching for a senior care facility should ask the staff at each individual senior care location for information on what services Medicare or Medicaid would cover.

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