40th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

wedding anniversary

Celebrating the 40th Anniversary is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion that not a lot of couples reach. It’s a day of joy and celebration either alone or with friends and family. One of the considerations is what to give your spouse for this momentous occasion. If you’re a friend or relative, what is the perfect present?

Some Ideas for Gifts

If you would like to go traditional as a spouse, the 40th year gemstone is the gorgeous ruby. Rubies are a symbol that the passion between you and your spouse is very much alive and vibrant. The ruby is thought to possess an eternal inner flame, just like your love.

You can never go wrong with a lovely ruby ring, necklace, bracelet, or earrings for your wife or a ruby pair of cufflinks or tie clip for your husband. When the ruby flames up in the light, it’s a remembrance of the love and commitment you have for each other.

Spending extra quality time together can make the day special by doing something you both like. You can even toast each other with glasses of sparkling red ruby wine.

Non-traditional Ideas for a 40th Wedding Anniversary

There are other ideas, too, for you and your spouse to celebrate your 40th Anniversary. Some are non-traditional for that extra spice. You could plan a picnic in a private spot and bring red ruby paper plates and cups.

Place everything in a covered picnic basket along with a red tablecloth. It will be a romantic date and a lasting memory. Bring along a bouquet of nasturtium, which is the official flower for a 40th anniversary. You could download the songs that played the year of your marriage plus your “special song” to enjoy while partaking in your picnic feast.

You could also purchase tickets for your spouse to their favorite sports event, movie, theater, or whatever they like. Place the tickets in a ruby red box or wrap it and tie it with a ruby red ribbon and bow.

If traveling is what both of you love to do, then there are even trips you can plan to celebrate your special day. You can travel to the Ruby Falls in Tennessee or the Ruby Mine in Cherokee, North Carolina. There’s the Ruby River in Utah and in Washington State. If you’d like to go all out, there’s always the Ruby Golf course in the Bahamas.

You could purchase a keychain made from an uncirculated penny from the date of your Anniversary. Every time he pulls it out, your husband will be reminded of your devotion and love.

If your spouse has a sweet tooth, a box of personalized Belgium chocolate will have her in chocolate heaven. The personalization can be written in ruby red to celebrate the 40 years of life together.

A Visit to Memory Lane

One unique way to celebrate is to go down memory lane literally. Go back to the place or town for the weekend where you met your spouse. Visit spots where you used to hang out and even the restaurants where you used to eat. Visit the place where the two of you shared your first kiss and talk about all the memories the area brings back.

Another way to visit memories is to put together a memory album for your spouse. Find photos of both you, your wedding, the children, all the grandchildren, and friends. Include trips that you took together, even the homes you lived in together. You can even include the pets you had over the years. If possible, have stories included by family members, children, and friends to share together.

You can also write a poem declaring your long-lasting love and shared memories. Write the verse in ruby red ink and place it in a red ruby-colored frame. Another gift would be to have all your family members create a quilt square and then have it made into a quilt. You would not only have fond memories, but it would keep both of you warm and cozy on a cold night.

Go on a Second “First Date”

Remember the first date you went out together? How excited and nervous were you? Trying to decide what to wear so you would impress him? Or, trying to find the perfect place or restaurant that would set the mood for a second date?

Think how fun it would be to recapture some of those feelings again on your 40th Anniversary. You could dress up in a red ruby dress, or your husband could wear a red shirt or tie. When you arrive at your destination, remember how you felt on your first date. Try to remember what you said to each other, how you felt, were you nervous? Talk about how your love has become stronger over the years.

Renewing Your Vows

 Would you marry your spouse all over again? What a better way to show your spouse your love than to renew your vows. You can have a private ceremony with just yourself and your spouse. Or you can have friends and family present with a reception afterward. Just figure out which one suits your personal preference and go from there.

If you and your spouse do agree to have a gathering afterward, a wish tree would be perfect! Find a large unique-looking branch and paint it ruby red. Decorate it with ornaments, ruby red ribbons, and even glitter on the branches, place photos of the significant events in your life. Also, pictures of friends and family you love and cherish. You can, as a surprise, hang tickets for a memorable trip for the both of you to go on. Or gift certificates for restaurants or events that you both love.

Before the reception, there are even ideas for decorating to celebrate the 40th Anniversary. You can place red ruby tablecloths on all the tables, have ruby red glitter on the centerpieces, and you can order red balloons to tie on chairs. You can place red ruby candles in centerpieces and rent tinted red china and glassware. Nasturtium can be arranged in vases that are colored red.

Gift Ideas for the Happy Couple

There are also gift ideas for the happy couple if you are giving the gift. If you are adept at photography, find a photo that you took that shows the happy couple at their best.  Place it in a red frame and wrap it up in ruby red paper. Tie it with a ribbon and bow, and you have the perfect present.

Another photo idea is to have the photo personalized with the name of the loving couple, the date they were married, and a personal message.  Wedgewood makes a Crimson Jewel Photo Frame from thin bone china. The Chinese flowers are gorgeous on an imperial red backdrop. It would look lovely on a side table or a mantelpiece.

If the couple you’re buying for enjoys excellent whiskey, Macallan Ruby Whiskey is the perfect gift for a 40th anniversary. The whiskey is described as matching the shade of the ruby is the crown jewels. The whiskey is years in the making; it’s a gift for the whiskey connoisseur.

For the exquisite chocolate lovers, a box of ruby chocolate ganache truffles hits the mark. These truffles have a light, fruity taste with a dark chocolate shell. The ganache centers are a subtle tart ruby chocolate.

For a smaller gathering, bringing a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting decorated with white chocolate curls is a treat. The ruby-red cake will serve eight, and you can even place a cake topper for a more festive appearance.

A gift on the lighter side may be a red mug with a cute saying on it about the joys and trials of marriage. Adding some assorted hot cocoa, teas, and cookies in a decorated basket would be a gift with a personal touch.

Another idea for a celebration of the special couple’s day is finding a newspaper from the day they were married. Enclosing the front page behind glass and including a personal message will make your gift one of a kind. Or collect go-through photos you have of the couple or ask friends and family for copies of their favorite photos. Place them all in a decorated personalized album and present them at the party.

A pillow with the cover embroidered with the couple’s name, date, and a special message from you is the personal touch. Whether you embroider it yourself or order it, the pillow will be a remembrance of the couple’s longevity and happiness.

Another thought is personalized champagne flutes made from cut crystal. The flutes can be personalized with Mr. and Mrs. and the name and date of their marriage. It’s the perfect 40th wedding anniversary gift! Add a bottle of champagne, and you have a winner.

For a COVID-19 40th Anniversary

 With the pandemic going on, celebrating the 40th Anniversary with friends and family may be difficult. In some states, there are some restrictions on the number of people that be at a gathering. Restaurants may have restricted seating or even takeout only. But there are ways to celebrate your friend or relative’s anniversary even with the restrictions.

You can buy a ruby red paperweight from online shopping sites and engrave the name and date on it. Lovely red candleholders with scented candles are another thoughtful gift. Both of these can be sent to the home with gift cards attached.

A red vase with flowers sent to the home with a gift card attached can be for your couple’s favorite restaurant. The gift card can be wrapped in a red ribbon and attached to the vase of flowers.

You can also have a virtual party with everyone showing up on Facetime or other social media. The happy couple can open presents while everyone is online and share their experience with them. Everyone can drink a toast while the couple’s favorite song is played. You could also have a “card party” with everyone sending cards to the house with gift cards, money, or restaurant cards for takeout. Blitz the couple with Happy Anniversary wishes and cheer.

Whatever the occasion and however a 40th anniversary is to be celebrated, join in. Reaching that milestone is something to be proud of, and it’s an accomplishment!