Nursing Home Abuse and Elder Abuse at Home

Elder Abuse – From time to time, news reports will chronicle large cases of elder abuse where there are particularly heinous cases or a given nursing home is suddenly thrown into the spotlight because of a serious elder abuse situation or where there have been some recent deaths.  Other than that, few cases of elder abuse make the headlines and the news media… Continue reading Nursing Home Abuse and Elder Abuse at Home

Age Discrimination Claims – The Basics

By: Roger Braddock Age discrimination is one of the fastest-growing fields of law.  In 1999, the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) received 14,141 claims of age discrimination. By 2003, this number had grown to 19,124 though it had slipped from its all-time high in 2002 of 19,921 claims received.   While the overall number of claims has risen,… Continue reading Age Discrimination Claims – The Basics