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Virginia Senior Apartments

Virginia's senior apartment and retirement communities are designed for active seniors looking to continue their lifestyles independently while being surrounded by other adults their age. In many cases, these communities offer social activities, amenities, and programs on-site to keep residents engaged and active together. While each property differs, most locations offer a variety of floor plans and units to choose from, fitting the needs of different residents.


Is a Senior Apartment the Right Option?

Senior apartments offer their residents a high degree of independence, which may not be the right fit for every circumstance. Unlike nursing homes, assisted living facilities, or skilled nursing facilities, staff members may not be able to provide constant supervision or support for people living in the community. Staff members likely would not have the same care training as other types of care facilities, where on-site professionals may be able to better care for individuals with disabilities or memory loss.


The Costs of Senior Apartments in Virginia

The costs of living in a senior apartment community are necessarily not limited to rent or the cost of residence. Some communities may also charge additional costs for amenities or services offered by the facility itself, making it potentially harder for seniors to budget for long-term residence. These costs are also variable based on the number of bedrooms apartments have, the type of room or unit a resident selects, and the surrounding area of the facility. Some senior apartments are designated as affordable housing, meaning rent is specifically designed to be affordable for a person in a low- or middle-income bracket, or an individual receiving social security benefits. Given the costs of care, some families may opt to help seniors sell their homes or access insurance benefits to make senior apartment living a more affordable option.

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