Choosing Homecare for Seniors

Denise ran into the house… “Hi Mom, gonna quick throw a load in the washer and get the dishwasher started.  Have you eaten yet?  If not I brought over a plate with some chicken and potatoes on it.  I know I am late, I’m sorry.  Only have a couple minutes until I have to pick… Continue reading Choosing Homecare for Seniors

What is a Geriatric Care Manager?

Geriatric Care Managers provide a variety of services for seniors and caregivers.  A Geriatric Geriatric Care Manager generally provides a home assessment and then creates a senior care plan recommendation based on the interview. Of course, you are not obligated to implement any portion of the care plan, but at least you will have the necessary… Continue reading What is a Geriatric Care Manager?

Fraud Against Seniors

Fraud is arguably the most prevalent scourge against seniors today.  That’s a pretty strong statement and there are certainly those that would argue that such a dubious honor more aptly belongs to any one of a number of various diseases or medical conditions.   All arguments aside, fraud is perpetrated at various levels on thousands of seniors a… Continue reading Fraud Against Seniors

Social Security Disability Claims and ALS Lou Gehrig’s Disease

By: Pitt Dickey – Attorney Preface: Since Social Security Disability is directed under Federal law, the information in this column will apply anywhere in the United States.  However each Office of Hearings and Appeals and District Office have their own ways of doing things as does the various Federal District and Circuit Courts.   I have kept this… Continue reading Social Security Disability Claims and ALS Lou Gehrig’s Disease

Last Will and Testament

Requirements of a will A will is a legal instrument that will direct a court or other administrator as to what your wishes are with regard to your property after your death.  A will is your words and in most cases, these words are binding on the administrator unless there is a law that supersedes your will, the will… Continue reading Last Will and Testament

ADEA Waivers and OWBPA Laws on Age Discrimination

Filing an age discrimination claim  By: Roger Braddock Age discrimination is against the law and employers have often tried to get around age discrimination claims by holding severance pay as a hostage to signing an age discrimination waiver. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”) has issued regulations regarding severance agreements that are signed by people who could file an age… Continue reading ADEA Waivers and OWBPA Laws on Age Discrimination