Explore the Best Jobs for Retirees

Jobs for Retirees

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Exploring the best jobs for retirees offers a promising path for those seeking to leverage their years of expertise while maintaining flexibility and fulfillment. From part-time roles to consultancy positions, retirement careers can both supplement income and provide meaningful engagement in various fields.

This guide delves into consultancy roles that maximize professional experience, remote part-time opportunities, the impact of contributing to community and nonprofit work, and ways to transform hobbies into viable income streams for jobs for retirees.

Leveraging Professional Experience in Consulting

Retirees harnessing their vast industry knowledge can transition effectively into consulting roles, offering a wealth of expertise to businesses navigating complex landscapes. By engaging in freelance projects, they not only apply their seasoned skills but also expand their professional repertoire, ensuring their consultancy remains competitive and relevant. This proactive approach allows for continuous skill enhancement and value delivery to client organizations.

Expand Your Network and Drive Business Growth

  1. Networking at Industry Events: Attend conferences and seminars to meet potential clients and collaborators.
  2. Social Media Engagement: Utilize platforms like LinkedIn to connect with industry leaders and share insights.
  3. Client Acquisition through Networking: Leverage connections to secure new business opportunities, focusing on market segments that align with personal strengths and experience.

Retirees can also focus on strategic advising and business development. Offering mentorship and strategic guidance, they help new consultants and businesses make informed decisions, thereby avoiding common pitfalls. This includes crafting innovative marketing strategies and mastering financial planning to sustain the consulting practice long-term, which involves budget management, investment strategies, and tax planning to ensure financial stability and growth.

Part-time Remote Roles

Retirees seeking part-time remote roles have a variety of options that cater to their experience and desired level of engagement. Temp agencies and contract houses are excellent resources for finding temporary positions that suit retirees’ schedules and capabilities. Additionally, online platforms such as FlexJobs, FlexProfessionals, FreeUp, and WAHVE specialize in connecting retirees with part-time opportunities that leverage their accrued skills and talents.

Available Part-Time Remote Positions for Retirees

  1. Payment Specialist – FuturePlan
    • Location: Nationwide, Remote
    • Hourly Pay: $14.81 to $25.95
    • Benefits: Medical, dental, vision, life, and pet insurance; 401(k) with company match; education assistance.
  2. Retirement Plan Administrator – FinDec
    • Location: Stockton, CA, Remote
    • Salary: $65k – $85k
    • Job Summary: Administering retirement plans.
  3. Contracts Assistant – Rev Agency, LLC
    • Location: San Marcos, CA, Remote
    • Benefits: 401(k) with employer match; employee discounts on travel.

The roles available provide not only financial benefits but also the flexibility to work from anywhere, allowing retirees to balance work with leisure or family time. This setup is ideal for those who wish to continue contributing professionally without the constraints of a full-time schedule.

Engaging in Community and Nonprofit Work

Retirees can significantly benefit from engaging in community and nonprofit work, which not only enriches their lives but also strengthens the fabric of the community. Volunteering opportunities are abundant and can be tailored to the unique skills and experiences of senior citizens. For instance, skilled volunteering roles such as defending the rights of minorities or preparing taxes for low-income families allow retirees to apply their professional expertise in meaningful ways. Additionally, non-traditional roles like serving as volunteer C-level officers in nonprofits provide avenues for retirees to continue utilizing their leadership skills, thereby offering substantial value to these organizations without the need for a salary.

Social engagement through volunteering is also a powerful tool for improving retirees’ health and emotional well-being. Activities that involve interacting with different age groups, from spending time with children to participating in community boards, not only help in keeping seniors mentally and physically active but also foster a sense of belonging and purpose. The benefits extend to combating common age-related health issues such as heart problems and bone loss, making volunteering a beneficial endeavor for both the individual and the community.

Nonprofits play a crucial role in facilitating these opportunities by promoting their needs for volunteer support and ensuring that the tasks provided are meaningful. Families looking to connect with such opportunities can explore resources through local chambers of commerce or social venture teams. By matching retirees’ skills with the right volunteer roles, organizations can make the most of this untapped potential, while retirees can enjoy a fulfilling post-retirement life that contributes positively to society.

Turning Hobbies into Income

Retirees possess a treasure trove of skills and hobbies that can be transformed into profitable ventures. For those with a knack for creativity, conducting workshops or classes in areas like music, art, crafts, or baking offers a platform to share their expertise while generating income. Platforms such as Etsy and eBay provide a marketplace for selling handmade crafts, antiques, or collectibles, tapping into a global audience eager for unique items.

The fitness and wellness sector also presents lucrative opportunities for retirees passionate about health. Positions as part-time fitness instructors, yoga teachers, or personal trainers allow them to inspire others towards a healthier lifestyle while staying active themselves. Similarly, those with a background in education can leverage their knowledge by tutoring subjects like math, English, or music, either in-person or through online platforms, catering to a wide range of learning needs.

For retirees interested in less conventional roles, options abound in areas like gardening, baking, or even treasure hunting with a metal detector. Selling home-grown vegetables, homemade baked goods at local farmers’ markets, or unique finds can not only be financially rewarding but also immensely satisfying. These activities not only capitalize on personal interests and passions but also contribute to community engagement and personal fulfillment.


Throughout this guide, we explored a range of opportunities for retirees that highlight the potential for engaging, flexible, and purposeful post-retirement careers. From consultancy roles that leverage years of professional experience to part-time remote jobs that offer the freedom to work from anywhere, the options are diverse and promising. Similarly, transforming hobbies into income streams and contributing to community and nonprofit work not only provide financial benefits but also enrich lives and strengthen community bonds. These avenues not only complement the lifestyle of retirees but also allow them to continue making meaningful contributions in various capacities.

As retirees navigate this exciting chapter, the importance of matching their unique skills and interests with the right opportunities cannot be overstated. Whether through consulting, remote work, volunteering, or turning hobbies into businesses, the potential for fulfillment and impact is immense. This journey not only offers the chance to supplement income but also provides a platform for personal growth, social engagement, and continued contribution to the broader community. As outlined in this guide, the possibilities are abundant, encouraging retirees to explore and embrace these opportunities with open arms.


What are some ideal jobs for retirees?

Ideal jobs for retirees include roles that offer flexibility and moderate responsibility. Some of the best jobs for retirees are:

  • Event staff
  • Concierge
  • Driver
  • Tax preparer
  • Babysitter
  • Freelance writer
  • Freelance consultant
  • Real estate agent, where the national average salary is approximately $42.20 per hour, and the primary role is facilitating transactions between buyers and sellers.

What are the best careers to pursue starting at age 60?

Starting a career at age 60 can be fulfilling and enjoyable. Some of the most recommended jobs for older workers are:

  • Clergy
  • Tour guide
  • Business owner
  • Maintenance worker
  • Retail salesperson
  • Teacher
  • Financial planner
  • Counselor or life coach

Is it advisable to work part-time after retiring?

Working part-time after retirement can be highly beneficial. It allows retirees to earn additional income while enjoying more leisure time, thereby extending the longevity of their savings. Furthermore, part-time work can provide mental stimulation and opportunities for social interaction, which are valuable for overall well-being.

What proportion of retirees work part-time?

According to a study by the Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies, 57% of workers from various generations plan to continue working into their retirement, with 21% expecting to work full-time and 36% part-time.