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Through better health and nutrition, people are living longer and able to live on their own.  

But the ability to live longer and healthier lives doesn’t mean that there won’t need to be lifestyle modifications.  In American society, we have the tendency to view mobility (especially the ability to own and drive a car) with independence.  

All too often, people that find that they can no longer drive themselves around as they once did.  People in this position all of a sudden feel trapped between the four walls of their home with only an occasional outing at the convenience of a friend or relative.  This can be very disheartening to those that have long cherished their independence.

Most people only think of bus service or taxi service as the only alternative forms of transportation that are available.  In many instances, these methods of transportation suit the purposes.  

Bus service however, only serves certain areas and may not have a suitable schedule, make certain stops, or make them in the appropriate order.  When someone is sick and needs to go to the doctor, the last thing they want to do is walk to the bus stop, wait, and then either travel a route or switch buses to get where they need to go.  Then there can be problems climbing up the steep stair into the bus… fine for healthy people with great knees and no arthritis but otherwise…  

Taxis/Ride-sharing overcome that obstacle but can be terribly expensive if they are used a lot.

Finding Alternatives

If you are looking to find alternative transportation, you may not need to go any further than your local county or city.  Many metropolitan areas are set up to assist seniors in their transportation needs.  A call to your county Social Services should get you on the right track to finding these services if they are available in your area.

One of the fastest growing segments of senior services includes transportation.  Non-medical home services companies will often provide relatively low cost transportation services and you have the added advantage of having someone that can help carry packages and much more.

The trick here is to line up with a home services company for a half to a whole day per week.  Depending on the company and what they offer, that day can be utilized for transportation, errands, personal services, or whatever general tasks need to be done.  Quite a bargain when you compare all of the costs!

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