Exploring Top-Rated Senior Living Options in Harrisburg

Senior living in Harrisburg

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Exploring top-rated senior living options in Harrisburg unveils a diverse landscape marked by a choice of 16 Independent Living Communities, revealing the depth of options available for those seeking quality senior care. Of these, the top three Independent Living Communities, Holiday The Manor At Oakridge, Ecumenical Retirement Community, and Kindred Place at Harrisburg, stand out with impressive consumer ratings of 4.4, 4.6, and a perfect 5.0 out of 5 stars respectively, indicating a high level of resident satisfaction and quality care [1]. Notably, the average cost of Independent Living in Harrisburg is $2,439 per month, offering a more affordable option than the national median of $2,800, which underscores the region’s appeal to those looking for affordable senior living while still emphasizing quality and comprehensive amenities [1].

The breadth of senior living configurations extends beyond Independent Living to include Assisted Living, Nursing Homes, and more specialized services like Memory Care and Adult Day Care, illustrating the region’s commitment to meeting a wide range of senior care needs. This comprehensive approach to senior living in Harrisburg is further evidenced by the presence of 35 assisted living facilities and an overall average cost of senior living at $4,669.66 per month, offering insights into the market and affordability of senior living options in the area [2][3]. Additionally, resources for veterans and recognitions such as Best of Senior Living awards highlight the community’s dedication to excellence and support for all residents, making Harrisburg a notable choice for those in search of a retirement community that promises quality care, a spectrum of amenities, and a supportive environment [3].

Types of Senior Living Communities in Harrisburg

In Harrisburg, the landscape of senior living communities is diverse, catering to various needs and preferences. Here’s a closer look at the types of senior living options available:

  • Independent Living Communities:
    • Average Cost: $2,439 per month.
    • Notable Communities: Holiday The Manor at Oakridge (4.4/5), Ecumenical Retirement Community (4.6/5), Kindred Place at Harrisburg (5.0/5).
    • Features: Meals provided, pet-friendly, access to pools/hot tubs, and a range of activities and amenities tailored to senior needs.
  • Assisted Living and Memory Care Services:
    • Leading Facilities: Celebration Villa of Shippensburg (4.4/5), The Terraces at Capitol Village, Essex House (4.2/5).
    • Services Offered: Assisted living, memory care, respite care, with amenities like secured memory care areas and indoor/outdoor walking paths.
  • Specialized Communities:
    • Continuity Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs): Offer multi-level care allowing residents to stay within the same community as their care needs evolve.
    • 55+ Living Communities: Designed for active adults seeking a low-maintenance lifestyle with amenities like fitness centers, social activities, and golf courts.

This overview highlights the broad spectrum of senior living options in Harrisburg, ensuring that every senior can find a community that best fits their lifestyle and care needs.

Financial Considerations for Senior Living

Navigating the financial landscape of senior living in Harrisburg requires an understanding of the various costs and payment options available. The median cost for assisted living in the area, as reported by Genworth’s 2021 Cost of Care Study, stands at $4,828 monthly. This figure is approximately 15% higher than the Pennsylvania state average and slightly above the national median. However, Harrisburg offers financial advantages, such as no tax on retirement income, including Social Security benefits and 401(k) plans, making it an appealing option for many seniors.

Payment options for senior living in Harrisburg are diverse, including:

  • Private Pay: Utilizing personal savings, Social Security benefits, or retirement accounts.
  • Insurance: Leveraging Long-Term Care Insurance or converting Life Insurance benefits.
  • Government Assistance: Exploring Medicaid or Medicare waivers, and Veterans Benefits for eligible individuals.

Furthermore, the cost of living in Harrisburg presents a mixed bag, with below-average expenses for groceries and transportation but slightly higher healthcare costs. The availability of excellent healthcare facilities and accessible transportation options like the Senior Shared Ride Program adds to the city’s allure for senior living.

Amenities and Services Offered

Senior living communities in Harrisburg offer an array of amenities and services designed to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of their residents. These facilities aim to provide a comfortable, engaging, and supportive environment where seniors can enjoy their retirement years to the fullest.

  • Living Spaces and Personal Care:
    • Spacious apartments and separate cottages for various lifestyle preferences.
    • On-site spa, barber shop, and beauty salon for relaxation and personal grooming.
    • Assistance with daily routines including bathing, dressing, and medication management.
  • Health and Wellness:
    • Fitness centers equipped with modern exercise equipment, swimming pools, and personal trainers.
    • A variety of physical activities including group exercise classes, walking trails, and tennis courts.
    • Regular wellness programs and education to promote a healthy lifestyle.
  • Dining and Socialization:
    • Multiple dining options ranging from cafeterias to deli-style marketplaces and formal dining rooms.
    • Bars, lounges, and outdoor patios to foster social connections among residents.
    • A rich social schedule featuring activities that focus on intellectual stimulation and physical health, such as art classes, movie theaters, and recreational programs.

Selecting the Right Community

Selecting the right senior living community in Harrisburg involves several critical considerations to ensure it meets one’s current and future needs. Here are the essential factors to guide this important decision:

  1. Location and Accessibility:
    • Safety and Walkability: Opt for a community situated in a safe neighborhood, with easy access to local amenities.
    • Proximity to Medical Facilities: Ensure nearby healthcare services are available to address any medical needs.
  2. Community Life and Care Levels:
    • Social Engagement: Look for communities that offer vibrant social calendars to foster connections.
    • Adaptable Care Options: Choose a community like Life Plan Communities that evolve with your care needs, offering everything from independent living to more intensive care on the same campus.
  3. Financial Planning and Amenities:
    • Budget Alignment: Compare communities based on the cost and the services included to find the best value for your budget.
    • Amenities and Services: Evaluate the quality and range of amenities, such as fitness classes, dining options, and personal care services, ensuring they align with your lifestyle preferences.

Before making a decision, visit the communities, interact with residents and staff, and utilize resources like HumanGood’s “The Complete Guide to Life Plan Communities” to gain deeper insights into what each community offers.

Testimonials and Resident Satisfaction

In the realm of senior living in Harrisburg, resident satisfaction and testimonials play a pivotal role in showcasing the quality and appeal of various communities. Here are insights into some top-rated communities based on resident feedback and satisfaction scores:

  • Independent Living Communities:
    • The Woods at Cedar Run: Boasts a 4.4/5 rating, celebrated for its vibrant community life.
    • Holiday The Manor At Oakridge: Receives a 4.4/5 rating, with residents appreciating the array of activities and amenities.
    • Kindred Place at Harrisburg: Stands out with a perfect 5.0/5 rating, highlighting exceptional care and community engagement.
  • Assisted Living and Specialized Care:
    • Bethany Village: Known for its personalized care, has a 4.2/5 rating with staff recognized for remembering resident names and preferences.
    • Brookdale Harrisburg: Rated 3.7/5, where residents felt exceptionally safe during the Covid-19 pandemic.
    • Viva Senior Living At Harrisburg: Earns high praise from families with an average review score of 9.0 out of 10.

These ratings and testimonials underscore the commitment to quality care, safety, and a fulfilling community life across senior living options in Harrisburg, making it easier for individuals and families to navigate their choices.


Through the exploration of senior living options in Harrisburg, it’s clear that the city offers a comprehensive and diverse range of possibilities to satisfy the various needs and preferences of its senior residents. From the affordability and quality of Independent Living communities highlighted by Holiday The Manor At Oakridge, Ecumenical Retirement Community, and Kindred Place at Harrisburg, to the extensive amenities and specialized care options available, Harrisburg stands out as a compelling choice for those seeking a supportive and engaging retirement lifestyle. The significance of such options is reinforced by their ability to provide seniors with a comfortable, enriching, and secure environment, underscored by high resident satisfaction and consumer ratings.

Considering the broader implications, the variety and quality of senior living facilities in Harrisburg not only attest to the city’s commitment to senior care but also indicate the growing demand and importance of such communities nationwide. The affordability, coupled with the high standard of living and comprehensive healthcare options, positions Harrisburg as an attractive choice for seniors. Moving forward, individuals and families are encouraged to consider these insights while selecting a senior living community – taking into account the financial aspects, amenities offered, and the level of care provided – ensuring a decision that aligns with their needs and enhances their quality of life during their golden years.


What is the typical expense for senior living facilities in Pennsylvania? The average cost per month for assisted living in Pennsylvania was $3,955 in 2021, as reported by Genworth’s Cost of Care Survey 2020.

How can seniors find the most affordable living arrangements? Seniors can opt for several affordable housing choices, such as staying in their own home with or without caregiving assistance, moving in with family members, or exploring public and subsidized senior housing. Additionally, there are assisted living and residential care options that may be financially accessible.

What are the prevalent forms of senior living communities available? The primary senior living options include independent living, assisted living, nursing homes, memory care facilities, and in-home care services. Beyond these, there are various other senior living arrangements designed to cater to the diverse needs of older adults.

Does Harrisburg rank well as a retirement destination? Yes, Harrisburg is considered an excellent place to retire. It was ranked by US News & World Report as the #1 best place to retire in 2024 among the 150 largest metropolitan areas in the United States. The Harrisburg-Carlisle, PA Metro Area, as designated by the U.S. Census, encompasses suburbs such as Carlisle, Hershey, and Newport.