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Senior Activities Near Me

Upcoming events for seniors near you in 2023: (details at the bottom of the page)

senior events near you


Finding activities near you that are age-appropriate can be hard without the proper resources, contacts, or information especially as you get older. If you are looking for physical and active activities to get your heart pumping, joining a gym or a health center can provide you with plenty of options from swim classes to sunrise yoga to weight lifting. However, if you want purely social activities then you can find a local community center or senior centers that offer strictly these types of events. The different social events that some of these centers host include, but are not limited to, holistic wellness programs, book clubs, day trips, group lunches, or other special events. However, whether you want physical or social activities, both are wonderful ways to meet new adults in your age group so you can participate in new activities with them. Making friends that are closer in age and that have similar interests as you can lead to living a richer and more fulfilling life.

Section 1: Exploring Fitness and Wellness Activities

Joining a health center or your local recreation department can help with finding new activities to keep yourself physically and socially active. Of course, senior citizens centers also have physical activities that are offered, but they tend to have less options than a health center would. Gyms have specific classes that are designed just for seniors like senior yoga or senior swim and they also tend to partner with the Medicare Advantage Plan program called SilverSneakers. Staying physically active helps your body and your overall health by lowering your blood pressure and heart rate, as well as protecting yourself from chronic diseases like diabetes. Working out helps strengthen your bones, it can help with muscle loss, and some exercises can even help soothe pain you may have from arthritis. Gyms and health centers also have classes for seniors with limited mobility. Exercises such as Tai Chi and yoga can be adapted for wheelchair and bed bound individuals. Some health centers and gyms offer these types of classes virtually if you are unable to leave your home.

Section 2: Social Clubs and Interest-Based Groups

Local community centers or specifically senior centers are a great way to get in social interaction with adults who are within years of your age and who are not your relatives. Some centers organize special events led by their staff such as a night of card games or bingo and field trips to local parks, museums, and other fine arts centers to keep people mentally active. Social interaction is incredibly important to maintain throughout life for good mental health since dopamine is released. Dopamine has many health benefits such as improving memory, helping decrease feelings of depression and social isolation, as well as having a positive correlation with a longer life span. Studies have also shown that engaging with people outside of your family helps you lead a more active life since you are required to leave to see friends and tend to do more active activities rather than sitting on your couch or partaking in other passive activities.

Local senior centers might also have well-balanced and healthy meals where you can come for lunch and an activity. Even if this is not offered, making friends through these centers can lead to you finding new dinner friends which is another great way to socialize.

Other activities that senior centers tend to have are a plethora of clubs such as weekly book clubs, music clubs where seniors are taught how to play different musical instruments, cooking clubs, and gardening clubs for example. Many people incorrectly believe that as you age, it is incredibly difficult or impossible to learn new information and skills. Continuing to learn new things such as how to play an instrument or how to cook a new dish are excellent ways to keep yourself mentally active. Learning new skills improves your memory capacity, as studies have shown, while passive activities such as watching TV does not help your memory. Learning something new that requires long-term memory, like learning musical scales and how to read piano music, is one of the best ways to improve your cognitive abilities. This can reduce your risk of developing dementia, it improves your neural synapses, and can slow cognitive aging overall. Other activities like doing Sudoku or a daily crossword can help, but these are not as effective since they do not require long-term memory or intense thought after mastering them with time. Studies have shown that one of the most helpful ways to slow the process of cognitive aging is by learning a new language. It is easy to stay socially active once you know where your local community centers are and find a group of adults that you can socialize with regularly in new ways to stimulate yourself.

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If you live in a retirement community, they also offer many special events for their residents as well as guests, like family and friends. They tend to provide many of the same activities that community centers offer as well as recitals from local musicians around the holidays and special activities like cookie decorating. Some communities, as well as local recreation centers, may offer different holiday parties like Valentine’s Day or Halloween parties with a variety of activities from coloring books to assisted pumpkin carving. These are a great way to meet more individuals in your age group and can also be a way for you to try new activities by yourself or with family. One of the key differences with the activities offered and provided in retirement centers or senior living communities is that the staff tend to assist the residents a bit more with their activities than at a regular community center or recreation department function.

In addition to local senior or recreation centers and their activities, sometimes you can find activities in a local park or beach such as Tai Chi or yoga classes. On occasion there are also poetry groups or sketch artists that teach classes to people of all ages to get them more involved in different activities. Even if your local park does not have these types of classes or activities, there are plenty of other options for you to do within the park on your own, with a partner, or a group of friends. You could go on long walks, play tennis if there are tennis courts, read on a bench, or just have a picnic. All of these activities, whether they are active or not, keep your brain energized and add a social component to your day. Incorporating new activities into your daily routine helps break the monotony of everyday life, it can keep you mentally sharp since you will have to remember to keep a schedule, and can also bring joy to you.

Section 3: Arts, Crafts, and Educational Workshops

If you prefer to do indoor activities, museums are a great way to shake up your routine and another way to learn about art, history, or other subjects. Depending on where you live, there might be certain evenings every week or month with special events like art gallery hopping with wine and cheese as an incentive to go look at, and maybe even buy, art. Other museums and art communities have special events like art fairs in the summer, Halloween art exhibits, winter events with light shows synced up to holiday music, or New Year’s Eve galas to bring the local art community together. These types of activities can be fun to do and something to look forward to every month or every year and could also become a tradition with friends and family. Even though walking around a museum is not a strenuous form of exercise like swimming, it is still a way to get your legs moving and your heart pumping instead of sitting at home doing the same things every day.


Keeping yourself physically and mentally active is extremely important as you age. Your physical health is important to maintain so you do not put more wear and tear on your body as well as lessing the risks of certain diseases such as coronary heart disease or diabetes. Socializing is also crucial to your overall well-being since mental health is important to keep yourself happy. The dopamine that is released from social activities such as meals with family or walks with your partner or friends can help lengthen your life and reduce stress and rates of depression; all of which are important to leading a healthy life. Finding activities in your area does not need to be hard so long as you can join a local community center or gym to interact with individuals within your years of age. Even attending events at your local park, beach or museum can be exciting. Though they might not be tailored specifically for senior citizens, these still provide the same physical and social benefits that other senior-specific activities do. There is no need to wait, go on and find what is right for you and your lifestyle.

Detailed senior events list:

Top 3 senior events for New York City:

1. **Alpha Phi Alpha Senior Citizen Center – Summer Social** on Saturday, June 24 ¹.
2. **Seniors Community Resources Day** on Saturday, June 10 ¹.
3. **A-Bridge-d History of Staten Island** on Friday, June 16 ¹.

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Top 3 senior events for Los Angeles:

1. **Golden Future 50+ Senior Expo – San Fernando Valley Edition** on Saturday, June 10 ².
2. **Senior Week: Brunch @ Escala** on May 27, 2023 ².
3. **UrbanPromise Los Angeles Senior Signing Day** on Thursday, June 1 ².

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Top 3 senior events for Chicago:

1. **Senior Edge Educational Series** on Thursdays ¹.
2. **McSA Senior Banquet 2023** on Saturday, June 3 ¹.
3. **South Central Community Services, Inc. Senior Trip to FOUR WINDS Casino** on Saturday ¹.

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Top 3 senior events for Houston:

1. **Houston Senior Expo** on Tuesday, May 9, 2023 ².
2. **2023 Stafford City Senior Expo & Health Fair- Theme: Mardi Gras** on Thursday, July 6 ³.
3. **2023 Pearland Senior Expo & Health Fair- Theme: Mardi Gras** on Thursday, August 24 ³.

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Top 3 senior events for Phoenix:

1. **5th Annual NFSMPHX Expo for Senior Living** on Wednesday, September 6 ¹.
2. **Gilbert Day of Service for Seniors** on Saturday, June 24 ¹.
3. **Metrocenter: A Fond Farewell Event** on Tomorrow ¹.

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Top 3 senior events for Philadelphia:

1. **Senior Citizens Luncheon** on Wednesday ¹.
2. **Philadelphia Senior Expo** on Thursday, September 7 ¹.
3. **Eloise Good 100th Birthday Gala** on Sunday, July 16 ¹.

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Top 3 senior events for San Antonio:

1. **Pilgrim Center of Hope’s 2023 Catholic Seniors’ Conference** on Friday, June 23 ¹.
2. **SCTX Senior Bible Quizzing Finals!** on Saturday, June 3 ¹.
3. **2023 Mimosa Fun Run + Fitness Fest** on Sunday, June 11 ¹.

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Top 3 senior events for San Diego:

1. **2023 Annual Senior and Family Resource Fair** on Thursday, June 1 ².
2. **Psychology Senior Send-Off 2023** on Wednesday ².
3. **Plan for Tomorrow, Today St. Paul’s Educational Series-Senior Living & Care** on Thursday, June 29 ⁴.

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Top 3 senior events for Dallas:

1. **Senior Social Fest 2023** on Saturday ¹.
2. **Allen 2023 Senior Sunset!** on Monday ¹.
3. **A.I.R. 2023 Awareness + Information +Resources** on Thursday, June 22 ¹.

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Top 3 senior events for San Jose:

1. **On Lok PACE East San Jose Center Open House** on Thursday, April 20 ¹.
2. **IN-PERSON: Fall Prevention & Wellness Resources – Host: Cupertino – 2023** on Thursday, May 18 ¹.
3. **Yu-Ai Kai Lecture Series: The Art of Onigiri!** on Sunday, June 25 ².

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