Last Will & Testament 101

Settling Legal Wills The last will and testament will not settle over night.  Beneficiaries often find themselves at odds over the disbursement of property after the death of a decedent.  Sometimes it’s over the property or the value of the property itself.  Sometimes it’s just that fact that it cannot happen immediately.  Most beneficiaries think that once the… Continue reading Last Will & Testament 101

Renouncing a Will

Terminating your rights under a will for the better statutory provisions Why would you renounce a will?  If there is a Will, the surviving spouse can renounce it and the inheritance it contains (if any), and instead elect to take a share of the estate specifically provided by state law.  This is a legal device originally intended for… Continue reading Renouncing a Will

The Basics of a Life Estate

When a person has a “life estate” in a piece of property (most commonly, a house and the contents within it), he/she enjoys almost the same rights in that property as would an “absolute” owner – but only for his/her life.  The idea of a life estate is best illustrated with a typical example, the “subsequent marriage”… Continue reading The Basics of a Life Estate

How Does a Last Will and Testament Treat Simultaneous Death

Last will and testament and legal considerations  How does a will and the law treat an estate when both people die at the same time?  The answer, of course, depends on whether any planning has been done. The most important planning, however, is practical, not legal. First, have you found a capable and willing guardian… Continue reading How Does a Last Will and Testament Treat Simultaneous Death

Search Engines for Seniors

How do they work, and how do you get great results from them?  Some tips on working with search engines. Search Engine Basics By Kasey Chang An Internet Search Engine is one of the most powerful tools available on the Internet. If you know how to use it properly, and learn how to interpret the… Continue reading Search Engines for Seniors

Internet Usage Among Seniors

Internet Usage Among Seniorsby: Jeremy Trogg Though people over 60 still lag behind their younger counterparts in Internet usage, the number of seniors online is expected to swell from 14 million in 2000 to more than 27 million in by 2003, according to Internet market research firm Jupiter Media Metrix.   The main reason seniors start… Continue reading Internet Usage Among Seniors